What is Jupiterra?

Birthdate: Jupiterra is the the worlds first interplanetary digital money and cryptocurrency. It was breathed into life in Phoenix Arizona (well Chandler AZ) and launched 2-8-208 at 07:18.

Unlike most crypto tokens and coins the Jupiterra token is free for all.

Even our Impending ICO is a giveaway not an auction.


We believe that our wallet, token and exchange can function flawlessly in a decntralized world and facilitate abundance and fortune for all.

We believe that no only should our tokens be given away for free but we will to avoid all transactional fees by investing the increasing value of our coin back into the infrastructure?


This means that all the backend tasks, mining, sales and exchanage of our token will be paid for by the inherent value of the coin itself.


How we intend to do this?

Easy, by charging nothing at every touch point of a transaction we beleive early and fast adoption will take place with this surge of usage the inherent value of the coin will increase.  As the value of each coin increase the repository of coins owned by the Jupiterra creators and community will more than provide for the salaries, development, security and processing of exchange.




Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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